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Willem Willemsz van Zyl

Stamvader in Suid Afrika

Willem arrived in the Cape in 1694 from Amsterdam where he was a gardener. He was the Cape’s first a gardner with the VOC and then became a free farmer and owner of Vreed’ en Lust, Drakenstein. He eventually served on the heemraad of Drakenstein

He was born circa 1668, in Delft, Netherlands and died circa March 1727

Willem se voorouers

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His will was dated 23 June 1722and filed 21 March 1727

When he registered his intention to marry, in the Amsterdam Ondertrouwregister, dated 12th Novmeber 1694, he declared that he was from Delft,26 years old and that his parents were dead. His will of 1713, howeverstates that he was then 47 – a 2 year discrepancy.He first appears at the Cape in July 1699 as an under master gardenerin the employ of the Dutch East India Company.

In their joint will of 1713 he and his wife, Christina van Loveren, left to

Hendrik Elbertsz, infant son of the deceased Johanna Cok and Gerrit Elbertsz,

a share in their estate equal to those of their children, stating that they

bequeathed this as grandfather and grandmother (grootvader en


The children are listed in the order they appear in the Estate Accounts

drawn up after the death of Christina van Looveren in 1730.

In addition to the farm Vreed en Lust, they owned two other farms,

De Honingh Fonteijn, situated at the Honingbergh and De Leeuwenbank,

situated at Vier en Twintig Rivieren, according to the inventory drawn up

in 1728. Their house had the normal Voorhuis (main room) with a room on

each side, as well as a small room at the back, a gallery (galderij) and the

kitchen, as well as a separate Wine Cellar near the house, and a Bake


They were obviously pretty well off for their time and place and in this

house was listed an enormous amount of furntiture, curtains, linen, china,

curtains and goods of all kinds, much of it packed into the lofts above the

main rooms.

married 28 November 1694 at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam 7Christina van Loverencirca 1671-1730



Willemina1695 –1763children Albertus Johannesb.1700 Hendrinab.1701 Gideonb.1703 Pieterb.1706 Hesterb.1709 Christinab.1709

children of Willem Willemsz van Zijl and Christina van Loveren

Willemina van Zijl 1695-1763born 1695, Haarlembaptized 21 October 1695, Statie St Anna, Haarlemdied 1 November 1763married (1) 6 May 1714 StellenboschJan Durand 8 died circa 1727married (2) 4 October 1727 DrakensteinJacobus Louw Pietersz: 9 1700-before 1778


of De Doornfonteijn, a loan farm on the Klijne Paardeberg

Albertus van Zijl 10

Johannes van Zijl 11 born 1700born 1700, at the Cape 12baptized 4 July 1700, Cape Town 13

Hendrina van Zijl born 1701born 1701 14baptized 30 October 1701, Cape Town 15Notes: She is not mentioned in the Estate Accountsdrawn up in 1732 after her mother’s death, and sinceonly 8 children are mentioned in her father’s EstateAccounts of 1728, all 8 of whom are named in the later

1730, accounts, she presumably died before the year

1726 without leaving any heirs.

Gideon van Zijl 16 born 1703born 1703 17baptized 9 December 1703, Drakenstein 18

Pieter van Zijl 19 born 1706born 1706 20baptized 12 December 1706, Drakenstein 21

Hester van Zijl 22 born 1709born 1709 23baptized 20 April 1709, Stellenbosch 24Notes: She was baptised in April 1709 andher sister Christina in September of the same year.married

Henrik Nusscher

Christina van Zijl 25 born 1709born 1709 26baptized 14 September 1709, Stellenbosch 27Notes: She and her sister Hester wer bothbaptised in 1709, Hester in April and she in September.A child, WilhelmChristiaans Frappé, was baptised at

Drakenstein 19th January 1727, witnesses Willem van

Zeijl and Christina van Loveren.


Hendrik Frappé

Johanna van Zijl 28 born 1718born 1718 29baptized 11 December 1718, Drakenstein 30

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